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May 28, 1998
Vol. 22 No. 16

Visit to China cements new academic links
Data warehousing provides a challenge
Rialto provides appreciative audience for student films
Femmes de lettres et le français hors frontières
Journalism's Geoff Baker wins second national award
Names in The News
In Brief
In Memoriam
Michael Dobie: Teaching in China
Friends in Hong Kong, Beijing and Nanjing
Three-way link with Africa established
Egyptians recruited through industry agreement
Guido Molinari: The artist as patron
A learning experience for all
Ellen Gallery welcomed 800
Long-service and early retirement reception
Education fair has the last word on learning
Minor in Sexuality introduced
Students win travel to Texas
Lecturer retires after an eventful life
The Winds of Oz is back for an encore
TESL colloquium brings latest research to English teachers
Women and power: We'll get used to it
Ethics and efficiency can co-exist in the public sector
The end of ideology
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