Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No. 1

September 11, 2003

Photo of Bilodeau's latest work

WHO’S WATCHING WHOM? An onlooker admires Yves Bilodeau’s latest artwork, Bedlam, which can sense and display human movements around it. Bilodeau’s work was shown at the Deconism art gallery in Toronto.

You’re being watched: Artist creates seeing robot

Abstract thoughts like reality and sensing may not often be associated with robotics, but artist Yves Bilodeau is combining the two. The self-taught roboticist and assistant professor is building art that can pick up a viewer’s presence — and respond. His show was held at the Deconism art gallery in Toronto. More

Photo of Dean Martin Singer at barbecue

HOLDING ALL THE CARDS: Dean Martin Singer celebrates at the Arts and Science barbecue with an entertainer.

It’s party time at Loyola

The new Science Complex and football field on the Loyola Campus are leading the university’s festivities this fall. From barbecues and pancake breakfasts to homecoming celebrations, the parties keep coming. On Sept. 22, Premier Jean Charest is expected at the Science Complex’s official opening. More