Concordia's Thursday Report Online  
    Volume 26, No. 2, September 27, 2001  
Ribbon tying ceremony at Concordia
Bill Vorn
Gary Kynoch

Concordians respond to the tragedy in the United States

Full hearts at Concordian following the attack on the World Trade Center.


Welcome to Bill Vorn’s apocalyptic world of Bedlam

Robotic installation will enable simultaneous existence in separate places.

Violence and vigilantes entrenched in South Africa

“People learned the only way to get justice was to take it into your own hands,” says Kynoch.
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  International students face dramatic headlines
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  Native life with an ironic twist
  Growing demand for prayer space  
  A warning to us all, and a glimmer of hope: Henry Habib on the Middle East  
  CSU and university talking  
  Human Resources and Employee Relations goes digital  
  Concordia students build bridges to Montreal’s poor  
  Chemistry grads at the forefront  
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