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September 27, 2001 New tenure-track faculty in Engineering and Computer Science



Javad Dargahi (Mechanical/Industrial)

Javad Dargahi earned his credentials, including his PhD, in the U.K. He was a research assistant at Glasgow Caledonian University, and an assistant professor at the Amirkabir University of Technology, in Iran. He was a senior post-doctoral research associate with the Micromachining/Medical Robotics Group, Simon Fraser University, and has worked in several companies in North America.

Rachida Dssouli (Electrical/Computer)

Rachida Dssouli has advanced degrees in computer science from the Université Paul-Sabatier of Toulouse, France (1981), and the Université de Montréal (1987). She taught at the Université Mohamed 1er, Oujda, Morocco, from 1981 to 1989, and at the Université de Sherbrooke from 1989 to 1991, and was a full professor at the Université de Montréal until May 2001. She also spent a sabbatical year at Nortel. Her research is in communication protocol engineering, requirements engineering and multimedia applications.

Abdeslam En-nouaary (Electrical/Computer Science)

Abdeslam En-nouaary attended the computer science and systems analysis high school ENSIAS in Rabat, Morocco, and has just received his PhD in computer science from the Université de Montréal. His research interests include protocol and software engineering and real-time systems.

Thomas Fevens (Computer Science)

Thomas Fevens has a BSc in astrophysics, MSc in physics, MSc in computer science and PhD in computer science, all from Queen’s University. He was an adjunct professor at Queen’s in 1999/2000, and held a postdoctoral position McGill in 2000/2001, working in computational geometry and computational physics. He works in computational and combinatorial geometry, numerical analysis, micro-manufacturing, geographical information systems, and computational physics.

Dhrubajyoti Goswami (Computer Science)

Dhrubajyoti Goswami has degrees from the University of Delhi, the Indian Institute of Science, McGill University, and a recent PhD in computer engineering from the University of Waterloo. His current research includes patterns in parallel computing, parallel and distributed computing systems, and high-performance scientific computing.

Havhannes Harutyunyan (Computer Science)
Havhannes Harutyunyan has a PhD in theoretical informatics from Armenian Academy of Sciences (1992). He comes to us from Brandon University, in Manitoba, and has taught and done research at Simon Fraser University, Armenian State Engineering University and Armenian Academy of Sciences. He has also done research at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University of Bielefeld (Germany), and Catalan Polytechnic University in Spain.

Mojtaba Kahrizi (Electrical/Computer Science)
Mojtaba Kahrizi obtained his PhD in physics at Concordia in 1985. After five years at St. Francis Xavier University, he has returned to participate in the development of the Microelectronics Device and Fabrication Laboratory. He has been involved from the beginning in the establishment of a MEMS research program in the faculty.

Leila Kosseim (Computer Science)

Leila Kosseim is an expert in computational linguistics. She was a researcher at the Université de Montréal, and before that, a post-doctoral fellow at Druide informatique. She did her master’s and PhD in natural language generation at the U de M, after completing a bachelor’s in computer science at Concordia.

Shiri V. Nematollaah (Computer Science)

Shiri V. Nematollaah got his PhD in computer science from Concordia in 1997; he also has an MSc from McGill and an undergraduate degree from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran, where he taught a number of graduate courses. The focus of his doctoral work was on declarative manipulation of uncertain knowledge.

Ramin Sedaghati (Mechanical/Industrial/CONCAVE)

Ramin Sedaghati received his BSc in 1988 and MSc in 1990 from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, and his PhD in from the University of Victoria. His doctoral research, which offers a faster computer-based method of structural design optimization, has been published in numerous journals and will be nominated for the NSERC Doctoral Prize in 2002. He has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in Saint-Hubert.

Yousef R. Shayan (Electrical/Computer Science)

Yousef R. Shayan received his BEng from Tehran University in 1975, and his MEng from Philips International Institute, Netherlands, in 1977. He started his teaching career at Tehran University in Iran in 1977. He received his PhD from Concordia in 1990, and has been performing research and teaching graduate courses in digital communications. He has worked in several fixed wireless companies, including SRTelecom, Spar Aerospace, Harris Microwave Communications and BroadTel Communications.

Wei-Ping Zhu (Electrical/Computer Science)

Wei-Ping Zhu has degrees from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and his PhD is from Southeast University, also in Nanjing. He was selected for a joint doctoral program between Concordia and Southeast, and pursued his post-doctoral research from 1991 to 1992 here. From 1993 to 1996, he was an associate professor at Nanjing University, and returned to Concordia as a visiting scientist in 1996, serving as an adjunct for three years while working in the telecommunication industry, for companies including Sigpro Wireless, Nortel Networks and SR Telecom, all in Ottawa.

Paula Wood-Adams (Mechanical Engineering) will be profiled soon in CTR.