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September 27, 2001 ENCS Faculty names 11 more research chairs





The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science has named 11 more Concordia Research Chairs, bringing to 13 the total of these internal appointments.

The designation Concordia Research Chair was adopted late last year, when the Faculty announced the appointments of Professors Ching Y. Suen and Suong V. Hoa. Here is the complete list of 13 Concordia Research Chairs:

S.V. Hoa, Mechanical Engineering, in materials and composites, CRC Tier I
S. Rakheja, Mechanical Engineering, in vehicular ergodynamics, CRC Tier I
C.Y. Suen, Computer Science, in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, CRC Tier I
M. N. S. Swamy, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in signal processing, CRC Tier I
J. Rilling, Computer Science, in Net-centered software comprehension, CRC Tier II
A. Seffah, Computer Science, in human-centered software engineering, CRC Tier II
F. Khendek, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in telecommunication software engineering, CRC Tier II
L. M. Landsberger, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in micro-systems technology, CRC Tier II
M. R. Soleymani, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in wireless multimedia communications, CRC Tier II
S. Tahar, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in formal verification of microelectronics systems, CRC Tier II
C. Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in low-power very large scale integration circuits, CRC Tier II
R. Ganesan, Mechanical Engineering, in high-performance composite machine components, CRC Tier II

C.-Y. Su, Mechanical Engineering, in intelligent control of non-smooth dynamic systems, CRC Tier II

“The decision by Concordia University to award Canada Research Chairs only to external candidates and to establish Concordia Research Chairs to recognize our internal candidates is an excellent decision,” Dean Esmail said in a message to the Faculty. “It recognizes that the available number of CRCs is insufficient. On the other hand, it reflects Concordia’s determination to support its research excellence in spite of limited resources.

“McGill University followed the same policy, except that the internal McGill chairs benefited from a sizable endowment of more than $60 million [while] Concordia University and our Faculty will use our regular operating funds to finance Concordia Research Chairs.”