Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No.5

November 6, 2003

Photo of Ellen Jacobs and Nina Howe

Ellen Jacobs and Nina Howe were recently awarded a $591,000 grant to research early childhood educational regulations across Canada and how teachers operate in the classroom.
Photo by Sadaf Chughtai

Professors awarded grant to study learning

Learning is not the result of development; learning is development. So goes the credo of the constructivist school of educational thought, which will serve as the basis for a new cross-country study being conducted by two Concordia professors.

Ellen Jacobs and Nina Howe were awarded a $591,000 grant from Human Resources Development Canada for their study. More

Photo of Dr. Ke Qin Zhang

Dr. Ke Qin Zhang and Balbir Sahni
Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Concordia builds ties with Chinese university

Concordia has been host to Dr. Ke Qin Zhang, vice-president of Yunnan University in Southwestern China, for the past two weeks as part of a unique exchange program in which university administrators from China and Canada are teamed up. More