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November 19, 1998      Vol. 23      No. 6

Gorecki, Martin to receive honours
Betty Goodwin wins first Harold Town Prize
A lighthearted look at computers
Ideas for learning centres
Two solitudes, laughing
At a Glance
Senate Notes
Maclean's: More of the same
Awards of Distinction Commerce and Administration
Time to specialize in Spanish
Taking Spanish for the love of it
Sending aid to Central America
Biochemist Gregory Huyer wins Gold Medal
Catherine Mattes charts the Métis identity
Applied Human Sciences gives a party
Brain development is a complex mix of influences
Elderhostel adds academics to tourism
Joosy satire this week and next at Hurley's
Singing the revolution
Candidates debate anglophones' place in Quebec
Our response to pay equity
Robert Peck honoured by Greek government
Spelling bee and dictée put language skills to the test
Born too soon
Of Note
In Brief
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