Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No.12

March 18, 2004

Bridge building

Bridge builders: Seen at the annual competition, held March 5, are, left to right: Philippe Hamel, Christopher Hannan, Luc Bialowas and Adam Neale, of A-Frames Are For Losers. More
Photo by Jason Gondziola

Brief to Quebec urges increase in funding

Concordia’s senior administrators appeared before the standing committee on education of the Quebec legislature yesterday in a determined effort to get more funding for both the Quebec university system and Concordia.

At the request of the CSU, the university gave CSU representatives five minutes of the university's 20-minute presentation time to address the committee. More


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Photo of Shulman and Krantz

Harvey Shulman and Fred Krantz alternate the principalship of the Liberal Arts College. When they started, students thought references to Lenin meant Beatle John Lennon. Now, Krantz says, they don’t even know who John Lennon was.
Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Liberal Arts College marks 25 years teaching great books

At 25 years and counting, the academic partnership of Frederick Krantz and Harvey Shulman has lasted longer than most marriages, and by their own account, their endeavour has survived against the odds. More