Concordia's Thursday Report Online  
    Volume 27, No. 5, November 7, 2002  
Protesters on Sept. 9, outside of Hall Building.
Chemist Yves Gélinas
Filmmaker Daniel Cross

National Engineering Week at Concordia

Students build bridges, share knowledge, fun and skill.


IITS readies internal network for ‘VolP experience‘

Digital telephony system will increase efficiency, reduce costs.

Assembly votes for inquiry, protests war in Iraq

Students, CSU hopefuls prepare for upcoming elections.



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  Art Matters 2003 showcases creativity—and controversy   Of Note
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  Marketing professor researches online price variations  

In Brief

New Middle East historian feels home teaching at Concordia   Stingers' roundup
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  Global movements impact Quebec politics: Daniel Salée  
  CUFA members sign collective agreement  
  Business grad's new self-help book inspired by Plato  
  Students dive into documentaries  


Feminism in the 21st century: What remains to be done?

  Next issue: March 27, 2003
  Feminist speaker links sexism, carnivorism and pornography  
  Electric plaid and other thermochromic delights    
  Brain Awareness Week    
  Uncovering the ethos of the ancient world    
  Get used to globalization, World Bank speaker says    
  SCPA panel debates control of media  
  Native youth conference at Concordia    
  Temenos theatre company to present co-lingual productions    
    Basketball Stingers lose chance to reach Final Eight