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October 24, 2002 CUFA members sign collective agreement



Seen at the signing of the new CUFA collective agreement are, from CUFA, standing, Charles Draimin and CUFA professional officer Geneviève Robichaud. Sitting are Harvey Shulman, CUFA president Lucie Lequin and June Chaikelson, chief negotiator for CUFA. Absent from the photo were David Frost, Charlotte MacLaurin and William Byers.

Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj


Members of Concordia University Faculty Association and the university celebrated the signing of their collective agreement on March 3. The contract, achieved after about two years of negotiation, will be in force for five years, until May 31, 2007.

The improvements include a new salary structure that is more equitable and transparent across the university, and salary levels that are competitive with other universities in Quebec and Canada.

In order to retain senior faculty members until near normal retirement age of 65, early retirement incentives that were available at age 55 have now been shifted closer to the normal retirement age.

A new rank of Senior Lecturer has been introduced for extended-term (rather than tenure-track) faculty members who are appointed because of specific full-time teaching and service needs. This affirms that faculty who hold such appointments are an important part of the academy.

Several processes (such as appointments and contract renewal, tenure, performance evaluation) have been modified to make them more informed and equitable. In the case of hiring, for example, the current joint employment equity requirements will be overseen by a new parity committee.

The agreement includes a clearer process to deal with cases where the administration initiates an adjustment to an academic unit (e.g., downsizing); this involves the academic bodies of the university, i.e., faculty councils and senate. There are other clarifications and procedural changes (such as the article on discipline and dismissal).

One outstanding article on intellectual property remains, and that will be negotiated within the next six months.