Concordia's Thursday Report Online  
    Volume 27, No. 5, November 7, 2002  
Protesters on Sept. 9, outside of Hall Building.
Chemist Yves Gélinas
Filmmaker Daniel Cross

Information session attracts many 'surfers'

Surf @ Concordia is a great success thanks to student and staff participation.


Engineering teachers congregate at Concordia

Nadia Bhuiyan and Paula Wood-Adams organize a conference about instruction.

Black students promote education, unified voice

Black History Month highlights community's identity and concerns.



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  UN peacekeeper Innes investigates Liberian radio propaganda  


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  Star of spoken-word scene Catherine Kidd hears voices  
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  Drowning in sorrowful success: Jon Paul Fiorentino  
  Travel, trope and spoken word devices: Corey Frost  

  What ho, Mercutio: Ben Kalman starts up literary press  


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  Raye and James Kass saddened by Columbia crash    
  Science College Day emphasizes research    
  Mexican scholar speaks on Ainu of Japan    
  Soleymani receives three patents  
  Engineering students go from Concordia to Kenya    
    New company premieres play by English teacher    
    Printmaking on the edge    
    Controversial immigration policy debated at SCPA    
    Weight Watchers bond to get slim    
    Adventures in pinhole photography    
    500 victories for coach Les Lawton