Concordia's Thursday Report Online  

Volume 27, No. 5, November 7, 2002

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Protesters on Sept. 9, outside of Hall Building.
Chemist Yves Gélinas
Filmmaker Daniel Cross

MEMS research expands with $1-million grant

Concordia on cutting edge of tiny electro-systems.


left Staff do time for the Canadian Cancer Society

Lively participation helps raise $11,000.

Daniel Dagenais examines the evolving family

Many factors contribute to its decline, says real-life father.



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  Fish and hot docs: the opus of Guillaume Paquin-Boutin  

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  GSA explores MidEast through arts festival  
  Challenging theories of addiction  
  Peace and use of force: a letter from Rwanda  
  Strong campaign, moderate platform helped Evolution win election  
  President-elect advocates more space, fun on campus  


Students strut their stuff for CASA Cares fashion show

  Students showcase work in quirky vid-fest  
  Amazing greys share the wisdom of old age    
  The grid and the hive: Ollivier Dyens    
  Design students help street kids    
  A party of their own: Leftist students create alternative    
  Taking sides: Do international politics belong on campus?  
  Live-in workers law is just a start, SCPA panel says    
  Margaret Somerville looks into the future    
    Athletes lauded for excellence    
    New surface slated for outdoor playing field