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October 10, 2002 In Brief



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Ow, those old hockey bones....

What’s black and white and red all over? The 25 staff hockey players who have been going at it every Friday evening since the beginning of the school year. The big payoff? Camaraderie, good cheer and a yearly contribution to a worthy charity. Many thanks to Recreation & Athletics and Vice-Rector Services. After a summer of healing, the battle between black and white will begin again.




Institute in Management and Community Development

The Institute in Management and Community Development is holding its 11th annual Summer Program on Loyola Campus from June 16 - 20. The Summer Program is a bilingual, one-week training program for social justice activists, community development workers and engaged citizens.

Students may also obtain credit participating in the Summer Program through the Department of Applied Human Sciences. The complete program description can be found at instdev.concordia.ca

For more information, contact Elizabeth at 848-3968 or etesum@alcor.concordia.ca.



Tour guides wanted

Office of Student Recruitment, Welcome Centre

Starting Time: immediately; Remuneration: $10/hour.

• Excellent English and French
• Excellent inter-personal skills
• Must like working in a student-service-oriented environment
• Must be a student at Concordia

• Provide prospective students and their families with campus
tour visits
• Assist with scheduled and drop-in visitors
• Assist with greeting large tour groups

Please send your resume to tours@vax2.concordia.ca or contact Joanne Spinelli at FB-801, 1250 Guy St., 848-4779.


Information on SARS

Health Services Director Melanie Drew has released information about severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS.

In it, she describes the symptoms, and puts into perspective the low mortality rate and incidence of the disease. She gives an explanation of the terms isolation and quarantine, and describes the best methods of prevention.

Her full text is available in full on the university’s Web site (www-health.concordia.ca and click on the “New News” link).


Peer support: volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed for the 2003-04 academic year.

For more information, drop by the Peer Support Centre, Annex Z, 2090 Mackay St., Room 03, or contact Ellie Hummel, 848-3590 or Ellie.Hummel@concordia.ca.


Visiting lecturers 2003-04

The Visiting Lecturers Committee invites applications from the university community to sponsor visiting lecturers in 2003-04.

Applications and guidelines may be obtained from the chair, dir-ector, principal or head of an academic unit or from the Office of the Provost. Eight complete and assembled copies (original application and seven copies) must be submitted to the Office of the Provost, 1463 Bishop, room 223, by May 16. Late and incomplete applications are unacceptable. The next round will take place in May 2004.



There were editing errors in the article published in our March 27 issue regarding Martin Lefebvre, newly appointed Research Chair in Film Studies.

When teaching at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Dr. Lefebvre established an undergraduate program in film studies (not semiotics).

The name of one of his colleagues in his current research, Rosanna Maule (Cinema), was unfortunately misspelled, as was the Cinémathèque québécois. The editor apologizes for these errors.



CTR schedule change

Due to religious holidays, there will be three weeks rather than two before the next issue, and three weeks before the last issue of the term. Here are the dates of remaining issues of CTR: May 1, May 15, June 5.