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Inter-university network planned for India studies

Scholars at the four Montreal universities, representing a cross-section of the humanities and social sciences, have secured seed money for the development and coordination of India-related studies from the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, a recipient of funds from the Canadian International Development Agency.

The objectives of the consortium are to realize course coordination so that courses on India do not overlap between institutions or departments, and to encourage enrolment under existing cross-campus registration; to enlarge the network of scholars specializing in Indian studies and thematic areas such as women and development, the environment and private sector development; to integrate francophone scholars and students in this network; and to strengthen links between the Indian and academic communities.

Political Science Professor Reeta Tremblay and Professor Balbir Sahni, Director of the Centre for International Academic Co-operation, report that Concordia University scholars have been active in India studies for the past several years, with a cohesive group of faculty members who specialize in South Asia.

Every year, under the aegis of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, scholars from Indian universities visit Concordia in the course of doing Canada-India research projects. Last year, Concordia hosted the Summer Institute for Canadian Studies for 15 Indian scholars at the Loyola Campus. The event will be repeated this summer.

The new network plans to enhance its activities, and to apply for major funding from FCAR and SSHRC next year.

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