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Fast-track search committee for Rector to be established

The Board of Governors has adopted a set of recommendations that should enable careful consideration of extending Frederick Lowy's term as Rector and Vice-Chancellor without compromising due process.

A closed session of the Board at its regular meeting on April 21 approved a report and recommendations that came out of a meeting held April 20 by the Executive Committee of the Board and the Steering Committee of Senate.

The recommendations, announced immediately afterwards in open session by Board Chair Reginald Groome, are to establish an advisory search committee in time for the Board's May 19 meeting. The incumbent, Dr. Lowy, would be "thoroughly considered as the first candidate before deciding on the necessity of soliciting and considering additional candidates." A decision should be reached by June.

Dr. Lowy has indicated that he would be willing to have his term as Rector extended two years and nine months to May 2003, but not to stand for a second five-year term.

The report that came out of the joint meeting of April 20 endorsed his extension, based on extensive consultation with the University community through March and April, including discussion at Senate and in Faculty Councils, a special open meeting of Senate, and a general appeal for comments.

"Careful review of the Rules and Procedures adopted by the Board in March 1994 and revised in March 1999 has established that the rules need not be interpreted to mean that a complete, competitive search is required at the conclusion of every term," the report said. "The present rules allow advisory search committees to exercise discretion about the appropriate response to the termination of a mandate."

The positions on the search committee are as follows: chair (Chair of the Board), two Board members (community-at-large or alumni), four full-time faculty members (representing each Faculty), one regular part-time faculty member, one representative of senior management, two students (undergraduate and graduate), and one support staff representative.

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