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Faculty leaving for better salaries, Board told

Rector Frederick Lowy has told Concordia's Board of Governors that one of the greatest challenges now facing the University is a brain-drain of experienced faculty for greener pastures.

Speaking to the Board's annual year-end dinner meeting on the Loyola Campus on May 19, Lowy said that 18 full-time faculty members have resigned this year, of whom 14 or 15 left for financial reasons.

Provost and Vice-Rector Research Jack Lightstone added that "the centre of gravity [of this problem] is moving closer." Now, academics are as likely to leave Quebec universities for higher salaries in Ontario as for those in the United States.

Also at the Board meeting, members of two advisory search committees were approved.

The members of the search committee for the position of Dean of Commerce and Administration will be Lightstone (chair); Board members George Hanna (community at large) and Terry Fancott (faculty); Faculty of Commerce and Administration nominees are V.V. Baba, Gary Johns, George Kanaan and Michel Laroche; Dean Nabil Esmail will represent the senior administration; Heather Thomson will represent the support staff of Commerce; and June Riley will represent part-time faculty in Commerce.

The members of the search committee for the position of Rector and Vice-Chancellor will be Reginald K. Groome (chair); Board members Richard Renaud and Lillian Vineberg, both members of the community at large; full-time faculty members M.O. Ahmad, William Byers, Mark Corwin and Hussein Warsame; Pierre Frˇgeau, representing part-time faculty; Provost Lightstone, representing the senior administration; Darice Stephanyshyn and Patrice Blais, representing graduate and undergraduate students; and Claire Delisle, representing staff.

A task force has been established by the Board to review the Rules and Procedures for Advisory Search Committees (1994). It is made up of two Board members, Sr. Eileen McIlwaine and Christine Lengvari; Senate will designate a member.

Board member Miriam Roland was appointed to sit on the Senate task force to review the status of professor emeritus.

Warm tributes were paid at the Board meeting to departing Executive Vice-Chair of the Capital Campaign Donat Taddeo and to Governor Emeritus Henry Habib, who has been named professor emeritus. In addition, it was announced that a dinner will be held June 17 to honour Father Stanley Drummond, still active after a teaching career of more than 50 years.

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