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Quebec's FCAR funds new hires

FCAR, the Quebec research funding agency, is making it possible to hire about six more new faculty members than would otherwise be possible.

The Quebec budget of last February included increased funding for FCAR (Fonds pour la formation de chercheurs et l'aide la recherche). The agency announced that it would fund the hiring of young faculty members in certain priority fields, paying their salaries of up to $50,000 for the first three years, $35,000 in the fourth year, and $25,000 in the fifth year.

Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Claude Bdard welcomed the announcement.

"There is every reason to think that the Quebec government will continue funding these positions through the University's operating grant when the FCAR funding runs out," he said. "Another nice thing is that the new faculty members will automatically get a chercheur grant."

The objective of the program is to provide 125 new academic positions across Quebec over the next five years. Each university has a quota; Concordia was invited to submit 12 applications, and told to expect a 50-per-cent success rate.

Applications are to be made by September 1, and the first awards announced in December 1999.

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