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Convocation 1999

Campus Ministry invites graduates, families and friends,

faculty and staff to

Multi-faith Service of Thanksgiving

Sunday, June 13

11 a.m.

Loyola Chapel, 7141 Sherbrooke St. W.

Rituals and readings of sacred texts from several religious traditions, thanks for our blessings, and prayers for our graduates. Graduates should arrive at 10:45 a.m., with convocation gown, if possible. Refreshments will be served after the service.


Centre for Teaching and Learning Services

Congratulations to these winners of Faculty Teaching Development Grants, 1999-2000:

Abrami P., Schnackenberg, H., CotŽ J.R. (Education): An Interactive Web-Based Resource as a Learning and Communication Tool in a Course in Educational Learning Theories

Ahmad, A. (Finance): Assessment of Learning Gains in a Web-Based Environment

Amantea, G., Bachmann, I. (Studio Arts): Art and the Everyday -- From Elvis to Cyberspace: Advanced Studio Practice

Brunette, L., Caignon P. (ƒtudes franaise): Mise au point d'un manuel destinŽ ˆ la formation des Žtudiants et Žtudiantes d'un cours d'initiation ˆ la traduction Žconomique

Chen, M. (Education): An Internet-based Knowledge Integration System (IKIS) for Facilitating the Acquisition of Complex Design Skills

Dyer, L., Carney, M., Baba, V.V., (Management): Reflecting on Business: A Workbook on Critical Thinking

English, A., Posner M. (Chemistry and Biochemistry): Integration of LABWORKS and Computerization of Undergraduate Labs in Analytical Chemistry: An Enhanced Learning Environment

Jojich, D. (Studio Arts): A Handbook for Emerging Professional Visual Artists

Langshaw, P.K., Lerner, L., Tanguay, D., Baxter, B., Stevens, C., Neumark, D. (Faculty of Fine Arts):Public Art as Social intervention: A Fine Arts and Learning Tool

Miles, M., Selig, G. (Applied Human Sciences/ Psychology/Biology/ Chemistry): Simulating the Complexity of Human Systems Intervention: A Teaching and Learning Approach Using a Structured Simulation as an Experiential Learning Framework

Moss-Werbin, E. (Accountancy): Problem-based and Collaborative Learning Project

O'Brien, K. Rudin, R. (Design Art/History): Visualizing Irish Studies

Parker, R. (Art Education): Development of Teaching Strategies and Interactive Media Distant Learning Materials for a Large Introductory Course in Fine Arts

Sacc‡, E., Reinhart, M. (Art Education/Art Therapy): Stories of Inclusion and Exclusion: A Book and Web Page of Student Writings and Art

Schmid, R., De Simone, C. Lou, Y., Marcotte, W., Rucco, S. (Education): Developing a Web-based Interactive Support System for EDUC 210 Educational Psychology/ Distance Education

Stathopoulos, T. (Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering): Environmental Flows Around Buildings: A Hands-On Experience

Szabo, M., Wulfraat, P., Soupliotis, A., Szabo, S. (Mathematics and Statistics): A Web-based Environment for Open and Distance Learning

Tao, L. (Computer Science): User-Data-Driven Internet Animation of Dynamic Data Structures

Turcotte, M.F., Lituchy, T., Leiba-O'Sullivan, S.L. (Management): Comparative Analysis of Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Ethics in International Business

Zacharias, J., Xu, H. (Urban Studies): A Geographic Information System (GIS) for Urban Project Studies

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