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Of Note

Rectors circle

The Rector's Circle Dinner is held every spring to give the Rector an opportunity to say thank-you to the University's leading individual donors. Membership is made up of those who have given an annual gift of at least $2,000.

Once again this year, on May 12, the dinner was held at the University Club of Montreal, and the guest list was larger than ever. The Circle was established during Concordia's first capital campaign, back in 1983-88; thanks to the enthusiasm generated by the current campaign, membership now stands at 200 individuals or couples.

In the photo are Concordia faculty and staff who are members of the Rector's Circle. Standing, left to right, are Donat Taddeo, John Locke, Paris Arnopoulos, Nabil Esmail, Martin Singer, Paul Fazio and William Curran. Seated are Rosemarie Schade, Brigitte St-Laurent Taddeo, Jane Stewart and Oksana Dykyj.


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