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Where is it?


This stone, carved with stylized shamrocks, has moved across the city.



Shamrocks on the lawn


You'll find the stone shamrocks seen in close-up (above) on the Loyola Campus, right in front of the Vanier Library.

In 1864, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, a Father of Confederation, was given a home on Ste. Catherine St. by his constituents, and he lived there until his assassination in 1868. It had distinctive lintel stones around the doorway that were decorated with shamrocks, emblem of Ireland, McGee's native land.

The stones were covered by a newer building during the 1940s, and uncovered during its demolition in 1962. They were donated to Loyola College, and when the Vanier Library was built in 1963, they were placed on the lawn nearby.

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