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Thanks to Centraide volunteers

Another Concordia Centraide campaign has come to a close and the Concordia Centraide Campaign Committee is extremely pleased to report that contributions by the community total $50,062.92. This is an amazing $20,000 increase from the previous year. Needless to say, we are delighted with the results.

This year marked the first time the co-chairs and Centraide representatives spoke before the various Faculty Councils and the Rector's Advisory Group. We are certain that these visits contributed to the increase in donations.

We are particularly proud of our success in increasing our total number of leaders from three to eight, an outstanding achievement.

The Concordia community should be proud; not only has more money been raised for a good cause, but our reputation as a caring institution has been safeguarded in the Montreal community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated, everyone who pitched in at the last minute to lend a hand to get the mailings to Mail Services, everyone who helped with photocopying and labels.

We are still accepting donations, but only via cheque or credit card. You may continue to forward them to me, Pina Greco, Rector's Cabinet, Room BC-216. Please make sure to mark the envelope personal or confidential.

-- Pina Greco

Hard times at Bard

Part of a poem by a student who was disappointed that writers invited to Reggie's Pub for a night of readings and jazz recently didn't stay to hear students' work:

The music was great, the turnout low;

The weather was bad, cold wind and snow;

Yet thirty people set their pace;

Thanks to all who showed their face.

Claude, at ease, read out the names

Of writers who were renowned, and famed;

They read their writings, they sold their books,

They left us without a second look.

An extra moment, perhaps ten

To listen to those who listened to them.

We had no fame, no books to sell,

But what we read, we read out well.

-- Dan Potter

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