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Tadeusz Krepec

The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science and many others throughout the University were saddened to hear of the death on March 2 of Professor Tadeusz Krepec, at the age of 71.

Dr. Krepec joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1979 and rose to the rank of Professor in 1991. He was a prominent researcher on hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuels for internal combustion engines, with extensive industrial, research and teaching experience in automotive and aerospace engineering.

He was a Fellow of the Society of Autom krepec otive Engineers (SAE), and contributed greatly to the activities of Concordia's SAE chapter, from 1983 right up to his retirement in December 1996, leading many a student team in international automotive competitions, often as the only Canadians among a field of U.S. schools.

Babak Torab, president of the graduate students association (ECSGA), wrote a memoir of his supervisor, in which he said, in part, "He was a grandfather to me, always very kind and calm.

"Every Wednesday at 10 o'clock, he came all the way from Plattsburgh to inquire thoroughly about my progress. His sense of humour made us closer. When it is time for my thesis defence, his seat will remain empty. It cannot be filled by anyone else."

Many of his friends did not know until recently that Dr. Krepec's childhood was unusual, and his parents remarkable people. His family sheltered Jewish refugees on their farm during the war, and as a teenager, Tadeusz risked his life to help the Polish resistance.

Dr. Krepec will be sadly missed by his many friends, colleagues and students. Our condolences are extended to his wife Halina, his six children, his mother and the rest of the family.

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