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You may use any Bell Canada pay phone on campus to contact Concordia Security, free of charge.

*SGW Campus: 848-3717*Loyola Campus: 848-3707

Remain calm. Inform the security agent of your location and the nature of the emergency.

An initiative of Telesis and Security Services

Applications to sponsor Visiting lecturers

The Visiting Lecturers Committee of Concordia University invites applications from the University community to sponsor Visiting Lecturers for the 1999-2000 academic year.

Application forms and guidelines may be obtained from the chair, director, principal or head of an academic unit or from the Office of the Provost and Vice-Rector, Research. Eight copies (original application and seven copies) must be submitted to the Office of the latter at the SGW Campus, Bishop Court, Room BC-223, by May 14, 1999. Late applications cannot be accepted. The next round will take place in May, 2000.

Loyola Medal

Graduate Students Association

Call for nominations to the executive

* President

* Vice-president, Advocacy

* Vice-president, Finance

* Vice-president, Services

* Vice-president, External

* Directors from Arts and Sciences
(Arts, three positions; Science, one position)

* Director from Fine Arts

* Director registered as an independent student

Nomination packages are available from GSA House,
2010 Mackay St. Nominations close Tuesday, March 23, at 5 p.m.

Spring 1999 convocation medals and awards

Call for nominations

Graduating students (fall 1998 and spring 1999) may be nominated for the following medals:

* The Concordia Medal

* The Malone Medal

* The O'Brien Medal

* The Stanley G. French Medal

The First Graduating Class Award may be awarded to any member of the University community for the most innovative contribution to academic or extracurricular life.

Nomination forms and criteria are available from the Dean of Students Offices and the Birks Student Services Centre.

The deadline for nominations is April 7. They go to the Office of the Registrar, SGW-LB-700, attention H. Albert.

Concordia Council on Student Life

These awards have been developed to recognize exceptional contributions to student life and excellent teaching at Concordia University. The Outstanding Contribution and Media Awards are open to students only. Merit Awards are open to all members of the university community. Teaching Excellence Awards are for faculty members.

Request for nominations

1. Outstanding Contribution Awards

2. Media Awards

3. Merit Awards

4. Teaching Excellence Awards

Nomination forms are available from the Dean of Students
(AD-121, H-653), CSU (H-637), GSA (T-202), CASA (GM-218), ECA (H-880) or the Information Desk (Hall Building).

Deadline for nominations: March 25, 5 p.m.

Presentation ceremony: Friday, April 9

Unsolicited commercial flyers and publications on campus

The Sir George Williams Campus of Concordia University (and to a lesser degree the Loyola Campus)
has been inundated with unsolicited commercial flyers and publications and some unauthorized non-commercial publications.

This practice is prohibited by University policy SG-3 (Policy on the Distribution of Publications on Campus) and Montreal municipal bylaw RRVM D-4 (Advertising Material), Article 8, which forbids deposit of publicity flyers at locations where the owner has posted his/her refusal to receive them.

These unauthorized publications have contributed to a paper pollution problem (material and visual), added to the workload of our maintenance staff and damaged University property (escalator jams and
flyers glued to University property).

Therefore, the University's security service will be coordinating with the MUC Police to enforce the
bylaw and stop the unlawful distribution of these publications on campus. Distribution companies will be susceptible to fines of $200 and individuals distributing this material will be liable for fines of $100.

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