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Computer Store bids to extend its service to CEGEP students

Concordia Bookstores, which took over operation of the Concordia Computer Store last year, has found that the operation
is so successful it has nowhere to go but up -- and out to the CEGEPs.

Sales have increased by 30 per cent this year over last year. Last year's sales totaled $3.25 million, and this year is expected to be even better. Sales Manager Steve Zulkarnian gives the credit to well-trained staff who provide good service.

"Unlike our competitors, we support our customers even after they have made their purchases," Zulkarnian said. "We don't just give a 1-800 number to call when they have problems; we take it a step further by calling for them and getting the information they need, whether it's downloading a driver, patch, or even installing software."

Now an application has been made to the Ministry of Education to allow CEGEP students to use government computer loans to buy at Concordia, and it is hoped that accreditation will come through by September. As Vice-Rector Charles Emond noted in an interview last week with The Concordian, buying here could lead students to applying here.

The main Concordia Computer Store -- always busy -- is near the Mackay St. entrance of the J.W. McConnell Building; a second branch is on the mezzanine of the Henry F. Hall Building. - BB

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