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Director of Continuing Education candidates presented

An open meeting was held on Monday to present the shortlisted candidates for the post of Director of Concordia's Centre for Continuing Education. They are:

* Michael Robillard, Director of Administrative Services at Dawson College. As a senior administrator, he is responsible for human resources, labour relations, finance information technology and the bookstore. His previous positions at Dawson include director of continuing education, and before that, dean of technology programs.

* Murray Sang, Assistant Director of Continuing Education at Concordia. He has been with the Centre since 1988. His administrative duties include the planning and implementation of a $6-million annual budget, overseeing the marketing and communication activities of the Centre and managing the Studies in Business Administration Department.

* John D. Watson, most recently Dean of Continuing Education at John Abbott College. During his career at John Abbott, he introduced voice-response registration and the automation of the library, and oversaw a shift from subsidized training to tuition-based training.

The advisory search committee for this post will be pleased to receive written comments about the candidates. They should be sent to Ann Bennett, Rector's Cabinet/Office, AD-224, Loyola Campus, by March 17, and confidentiality is assured.


Roger C™tˇ to head government committee

Roger C™tˇ, Concordia's Director of Socio-Economic Services and Vice-Dean of Students, has been asked to chair the Quebec government's Comitˇ Consultatif sur l'accessibilitˇ financi¸re aux ˇtudes.

This is a new standing committee whose mandate is to advise the Minister of Education on financial access to education, including financial aid, tuition fees, administrative fees, and fiscal policies that affect financial accessibility. It covers not only universities, but also professional high schools and CEGEPs.

The committee comprises representatives from the affected sectors, including seven students. The Minister is now required to consult this group before making major changes.


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