Visit from Sweden

Gothenburg rector

Concordia recently held a cocktail reception for a delegation of senior administrators from Gothenburg University, Sweden, led by their Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Bo Samuelsson (seen here), who, coincidentally, had worked in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine with our current Rector. In turn, Gothenburg hosted a dinner for Concordia to celebrate our years of collaboration, going back to the mid-1980s.

As many as 70 Swedish students have come here in the summer to study economics, management and marketing. A number of Gothenburg students later decided to pursue graduate work here in the Faculty of Commerce and Administration. Concordia's MBA program will play host to 15 students from Gothenburg this summer.

While more traffic has gone west than east, Gothenburg has attracted some Concordia students. One Concordia graduate in economics is currently pursuing his MA degree there.

Martin Singer, now Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, was the founding director of the Centre for International Academic Co-operation (CIAC), and played a central role in the first visit of Gothenburg students. Now the organizers hope to expand this link to other parts of the university.

There are 427 international students from Europe studying at Concordia this year, of whom 13 are from Sweden. France has the greatest number, 267, followed distantly by the United Kingdom (27) and Greece (15).

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