Please enable Java in your browser's "Options" (or "Preferance") menu to view this page Concordia's Thursday Report____________January 14, 1999

Academic planning moves forward in all Faculties

The following is a summary of reports submitted to University Senate by Provost Jack Lightstone, who chairs SCAPP, the Senate Committee on Academic Planning and Priorities.

Progress made so far: All recommendations regarding specific programs have been implemented by the Faculty of Commerce and Administration, and the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. Fine Arts has completed about three-quarters of its program overhaul, and has managed to increase revenue while cutting expenses. Arts and Science is about half-way through, and will start to address Faculty-wide recommendations.

Nearly 50 full-time faculty members have been hired in all Faculties, about half of the hires who are to replace the 680 people who accepted FALRIP, the early-retirement packages. However, more funds will be needed to complete this process.

The concept of a good general education has been discussed for nearly two decades; finally, a committee chaired by Commerce and Administration Associate Dean Danielle Morin has drafted a proposal, and it is being circulated among the Faculties. SCAPP also hopes to develop specific recommendations regarding skill sets.

Issues to be addressed: Meeting the immediate expectations of business, industry, social services without betraying our traditional mission; partnerships with the private sector; integrating information technology and developing courseware; enhancing research and teaching through our new hires; co-operative ventures with CEGEPs; defining our role in educating francophones; examining both research-oriented and non-research-oriented graduate degrees; internationalization of our programs and research.

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