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Senate Notes

Compiled by Barbara Black

A regular meeting of University Senate, held December 4, 1998

Research Fellows: As recommended by a committee chaired by Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Claude Bédard, Senate approved the naming of Wagdi Habashi (Mechanical Engineering) and Janet Helland (Art History) as Concordia University Research Fellows for 1999(see story, page 1).

Rector's remarks: Rector Frederick Lowy congratulated the Faculty of Commerce and Administration on outstanding results in the Uniform Final Exam for aspiring chartered accountants, and the Stingers football team on their valiant effort in the Vanier Cup. (See CTR, December 3.) He announced that Christopher Jackson has been recommended for a second term as Dean of Fine Arts, and that the only candidate on the shortlist for Provost and Vice-Rector Research is the incumbent, Jack Lightstone, who would give an address on December 10. (See story, page 4.) He said that presentations have been made to the federal and provincial governments regarding financial support for buildings and infrastructure support for new buildings, and the response is encouraging. A national competition will be launched for the design of the science building.

Curriculum changes: Changes to undergraduate and graduate programs were discussed and approved. An amendment moved by the Academic Programs Committee (APC), which would require courses that undergo substantive changes to be flagged with new numbers, was proposed regarding a course in Engineering and Computer Science. Following an explanation that the change was not substantive, the amendment was defeated -- but Provost Jack Lightstone moved that the APC draft and propose a policy on the subject. Carried.

New program: Dean Nabil Esmail (Engineering and Computer Science) moved the adoption of a new Certificate in Industrial Waste Management. It is a repackaging of five existing courses to respond to client need. Carried.

Academic planning: As Chair of the Senate Committee on Academic Planning and Priorities (SCAPP), Lightstone introduced a progress report and an outline of coming issues (see accompanying story). These two documents were given a brief preliminary overview, but will be discussed in greater depth at future Senate meetings. Catherine MacKenzie (Fine Arts) remarked that closer research-industry ties called for in one of the documents would not sit comfortably with scholars in her Faculty.

Classroom refit: In answer to a question about teaching technology, Lightstone said that the refitting of all the large classrooms (more than 50 seats) had been estimated at $400,000, and he has requested that this work be done by September 1999.

The meeting scheduled for January 8 was cancelled due to lack of agenda items. Next meeting: February 5.

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