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June 11, 1998

Institute in Management and Community Development holds Summer Program

700 community activists expected at Loyola next week

Things may be quiet in most of the University, but over at the Institute in Management and Community Development, the busiest week of the year is about to begin.

From June 15 to 19, the Loyola Campus will be the site of the unit's annual summer program for about 700 community organizers from across North America and as far away as Mexico, Ecuador and New Zealand.

Among the titles of 58 sessions to be given in English and French are Exploring Everyday Racism, The Virtual Community, Fundraising for Beginners, Business Plans, and Popular Theatre.

The Institute, which operates under the umbrella of Continuing Education, maintains a small staff throughout the year. As well as planning the Summer Program, the Institute is winding up a series of 10 intensive two-day round tables to small groups on specific community development themes.

A grant from the Seagram Fund for Academic Innovation provided them with the means to prepare a proposal for a graduate diploma in community economic development, which is now proceeding through the official channels for approval.

A six-month resident resource program has also been established. Kim Klein, who has 20 years' experience in grassroots organizing and fundraising, will help to recruit and place young people as community leaders.

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