Model UN finishes a good year

by Christopher Schulz

The Concordia Model United Nations is wrapping up its operations for the year with 12 awards earned at six conferences by about 100 delegates.

Outgoing president Mitchell Belfer is pleased. "Not only have my expectations been met, but they've been surpassed," he said. "It warms my heart. This is a phenomenal achievement."

Model United Nations clubs engage in debates such as those held among representatives of countries at the real UN, and are judged on their performance. Topics vary widely -- simulation of the World Health Organization discussing the fight against AIDS, for example, or a Security Council simulation on the production of chemical weapons in Iraq.

Over the past year, the Concordia students attended conferences in Washington, Chicago, Virginia, Harvard and McGill Universities.

Dora Jajawi, a first-year Political Science student, went to Washington. "Regardless of how small we are [the club], compared to American universities, we are extremely efficient," she said. "We measure up to the Ivy League universities."

Mike Vicentijevic, second-year Political Science student, enjoyed his experience in Chicago, and was invited to return as staff for next year's conference in Chicago.

Belfer said the university's support was one key ingredient in the club's success. Another was the strong friendships among members. He is graduating with an MA in Public Policy and Administration, and will be replaced by Beno”t Charron.

Students are responsible for funding their trips, and the club has held a number of fundraising events this year. The last one was on April 27 at the Comedy Nest.

CONMUN, as the club is called for short, will resume its Friday meetings in September. For information, visit their Web site at

You can reach me, Christopher Schulz, at 934-5339 (schulz_ ) or Mitchell Belfer at 933-2063 ( )



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