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Get ready to celebrate – our 25th is coming up

by Barbara Black

In 1999-2000, Concordia will celebrate its 25th birthday with a full year of events, and preparations are already under way.

The new 25th anniversary logo is ready to be used on next year’s brochures and official letters. Several contests have been held, and they’ve given birth to a welter of ideas – comic, solemn and creative – that are all being explored.

The contest among departments was sponsored by the senior administration. Here are the three winners.

The Office of Alumni Affairs is going to re-enact the "shotgun wedding" that brought Sir George Williams University together with Loyola College in 1974. It will be a wedding dinner during Homecoming 1999, complete with a renewal of vows, pledges of undying love and dancing.

Equity Programs has suggested a project to celebrate the cultural diversity among employees, and the Liberal Arts College proposed a conference on the past and future of Concordia.

The other 17 suggestions from departments are also being considered. To see them all, consult /25th/contest2.html

In a previous contest open to individuals and sponsored by the 25th anniversary committee, everybody won. The 28 proposals were grouped by affinity, and the committee has been working on such tough questions as when, how, who and how much.

Many of the prospects, not surprisingly, involve looking back – a five-year history of the University that will be unveiled at the 30th anniversary, a historical and architectural guide to our buildings, and posters about Concordia’s history permanently installed around the campus. University Archivist Nancy Marrelli and her team are going to be very busy.

There are likely to be many special occasions throughout the year, not only annual events with a 25th anniversary twist, but also special ones, such as lectures by distinguished alumni.

The anniversary year will be launched on September 24 just before the fundraising Shuffle between campuses and the Rector’s Reception. In January, the committee is planning an open house to welcome the general community to Concordia. In fact, the celebrations will go on until the fall of 2000.

You’ll hear more about our 25th anniversary in the months ahead.

- BB

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