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Fine Arts introduces annual Distinguished Teaching Awards


The first recipients of the new annual Faculty of Fine Arts Distinguished Teaching Awards will be Jean-Claude Bustros, from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and Gerry Gross, from the Department of Theatre.

The many letters of support for Professor Gross from colleagues and students expressed appreciation of his academic rigour and support for students. Students mentioned his innovative approach to teaching the History of Theatre course, which infused them with a love of research. He has put many years of work into the Department of Theatre, developing creative responses to budget compression and giving students a chance to develop as directors.

Jean-Claude Bustros’s students talk of his ability to generate a sense of excitement in his classes, and of his formidable knowledge of experimental and narrative cinema. He also gives great support to his students, and they appreciate the respect he shows for their various learning styles. Many of his students have won awards for their films.

Both awards will be presented at the Fine Arts convocation ceremony, to be held June 15 at Place-des-Arts.

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