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CSU orientation is a homegrown affair

by Sidhartha Banerjee

The Concordia Student Union (CSU) has decided to focus less on star power and more on local talent, according to CSU president Rob Green.

"This is a much more homegrown event," Green said. "The talent we're putting on display is our own students and the talent we have within the Montreal community."

At the heart of the festivities is "Carnivale 99-2K" at the Loyola Campus. It started on Tuesday and ends today with an outdoor concert organized by CJLO.

CSU clubs commissioner Claude Jacob hopes that the carnival, organized by the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) and the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA), will be an opportunity to promote the newly revitalized FASA and ASFA to students.

Orientation festivities shift downtown next week, kicking off with the ASFA/FASA Spoken Word festival next Tuesday and Wednesday, the largest in recent Montreal history.

Later in the week, the popular annual lecture series will kick off, along with two full days of live music on the terrace at Reggie's Pub in the Henry F. Hall Building Thursday and Friday.

Noticeably absent from this year's orientation is the open-air concert that usually blocks off Mackay St. for a day. While Green said that the CSU had entertained the idea of having a headline act, it did not want a repeat of last year's financially crippling event.

"This year we realized that we should scale it down, that we don't need to spend so much money, " Jacob said. Concerts at Reggie's were a tremendous success last year.

Commerce and Administration students enjoyed their own orientation events last week, as seen in our photo on page 1.


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