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Names in the News

Compiled by Barbara Black

Concordia faculty, staff and alumni/æ pop up
in the media more often than you might think!

Anna Woodrow (Sociology and Anthropology) was interviewed in July on Global TV and Pulse about the effect on girls of the Spice Girls craze.

Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos (Journalism) and Filippo Salvatore (CMLL) were guests on Radio-Canada's Le Point in August, giving their perspective on Michel Tremblay's Les Belles-Soeurs on the 30th anniversary of the classic play.

Maïr Verthuy (Études françaises) was interviewed on the Radio-Canada program Entre Terre et Ciel, which asks notable people about their values and motivation. Royal Society inductee Michel Despland (Religious Studies) taped a 28-minute interview with the same program, to be broadcast soon.

Arthur Kroker (Political Science) is a regular contributor of cyberviews on the new All in a Weekend Sunday edition, with host and alumna Shelley Pomerance. The lively local radio show on CBC Radio One is from 6 to 9 a.m.

In a review of Elizabeth Langley's 65th-birthday dance performance, Hour's Philip Szporer said, "She offers respite from dance fakery, digs deep for inspiration, and . . . inspires." Langley founded our Contemporary Dance program, and was awarded a Canada Council prize last summer.

There was an article and photo in the August 17 issue of Maclean's about Joyce Borenstein, a well-known filmmaker who lectures in Fine Arts's animation program. She recently made a 24-minute documentary called One Divided by Two: Kids and Divorce, which will air on Vision-TV in December and be available in schools.

Louis Gialloretto (Aviation MBA) was quoted in Maritime newspapers via the Canadian Press news service on the severing by Air Atlantic of its ties with Canadian Airlines. He predicted difficulty ahead for the regional carrier, as it tries to go it alone.

Communications Studies student Liz Czach was one of the two programmers for the Perspective Canada section of the huge Toronto International Film Festival. According to an entertaining article in the Toronto Star that began, "Helen du Toit and Liz Czach have the most powerful thumbs in Canadian film," the pair screened 620 hours of film from early May to mid-July.

Lorne N. Switzer (Finance) was interviewed four times in late August, by CBC TV, Global TV, CBC radio and TheGazette, on the performance of North American stock markets.

The woes of Russia make Marika Pruska-Carroll (Political Science) popular with media here. Her May-June research trip to that country was followed by an interview in July on CBC TV and two interviews on CJAD in August.

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