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Letter to Education Minister Fran¨ois Legault

Concordia's senior administration has told the Quebec government that about $142 million will be needed to realize our plans for the near future.

That was the gist of a 20-page letter to Education Minister Fran¨ois Legault, who had asked the universities to explain their plans, priorities, problems and needs.

In the covering letter that begins the document, Rector Frederick Lowy stresses Concordia's strong contributions to Quebec society.

Lowy said that enrolment is expected to double in a very short time in the sciences, computer engineering and information technology, but this can't be done without a massive increase in the operating budget, the launching of new programs and major capital investment in buildings and sophisticated equipment.

The University is asking for $40 million to deal with urgent maintenance requirements, $52 million for new buildings, and an increase of $50 million for the operating budget.

The document, which was prepared by the Rector's Cabinet in co-ordination with the University's Government Relations Office, outlines the decisive measures that have been taken to deal with the drastic cuts to Concordia's operating grants, including a major renewal of the professoriate and a full-scale overhaul of curriculum.

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