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Space plan to be submitted to the City of Montreal

by Barbara Black

Concordia's downtown campus could have its own gateways if current plans come to fruition.

The University's master space plan soon being sub mitted to the City of Montreal suggests signage and design elements around the area bounded by Sherbooke, Guy, Ste. Catherine and Bishop Sts. to define the University's downtown grounds without impeding public access.

These boundaries would include the new buildings planned for the current site of the York Theatre and the empty lot at the southwest corner of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd.

You will soon see newspaper advertisements soliciting interest from architectural firms. A shortlist of three to five suitable firms will be created, and these will be asked to submit competing designs.

The plans call for new facilities for three Faculties -- Fine Arts, Engineering and Computer Science, and Commerce and Administration, although much remains to be decided about where each will settle. The downtown construction is described as an "integrated complex" rather than a single building.

Alliances with external partners will likely take place. The plan says that "the sites will be developed in a manner such that the University's academic needs can be combined with complementary revenue-generating activities."

The Guy Mˇtro Building, currently the home of Commerce and Administration, will probably house the University's administrative offices. Concordia may sell or lease the annexes along Mackay and Bishop Sts., and relocate their activities in the Henry F. Hall Building.

At Loyola, as we have previously reported in CTR, new science facilities will be built, and Hingston Hall, now housing some offices, will once again be a student residence. The buildings on the north side of the Loyola Campus will be connected by above-ground walkways, and south of Sherbrooke St., the Athletics Complex will under- go major renovation and enhancement.

This phase of the space plan was drawn up over the summer by Garry Milton, Executive Director of the Rector's Cabinet, after close consultation with the Deans, Department Directors and many other stakeholders. The City will likely take about six months to rule on the master plan, but approaches to potential designers will continue to move forward, as will fundraising.


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