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Recent gifts to the Capital Campaign

* The Concordia School of Investment Management and the Goodman Chair in Investment Finance will be established, thanks to a $2.25 million gift from Ned Goodman, of Goodman & Company Investment Counsel and Dundee Bancorp Inc., and another $1 million from the University.

The program will be offered in both Montreal and Toronto. Students will earn a Master's degree in investment management by working and studying part-time, and may acquire the designation chartered financial analyst.

* The work being conducted by Concordia researchers in computational fluid dynamics has received $600,000 from Pratt & Whitney Canada and $500,000 from the Fondation J. Armand Bombardier.

* The Petro-Canada Young Innovator Awards Program has given $250,000, which was matched by the University, to create an endowment for outstanding young faculty members. The gift was announced at the campaign closing ceremony by Petro-Canada's James Stanford.

* The BioChem Pharma Genomics Facility now has donations of $3.6 million, thanks to the initial gift in 1997 of Dr. Francesco Bellini, which inspired others to follow his example. This includes $1.25 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and $1.25 million from the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

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