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Concordia's UFE results better than ever


Outstanding accountants

Congratulations to, left to right, Carl Adjami (second in Quebec, ninth in Canada), Joseph Grossman (tied for ninth in Quebec), Gillian Pearl (third in Quebec, tied for 11th in Canada), Jethro Bushenbaum (first in Quebec, first in Canada), Michel Laranjo (fourth in Quebec, tied for 13th in Canada), and Melvin Green (fifth in Quebec and 18th in Canada).

Jethro Bushenbaum, a graduate
of Concordia's Diploma in Accountancy program, achieved the highest grade in Canada at the rigorous four-day Uniform Final Examinations (UFE) administered by the Canadian Institute of
Chartered Accountants late this summer.

Concordia students took the top five spots in Quebec, as well as tying for ninth, and five of them also placed in the top 20 in Canada.

The University's Diploma in Accountancy program has such a good reputation that even students who take their undergraduate degrees at other universities come to Concordia to take the Diploma
program and prepare specifically for the UFE.

This year, 74 Concordia Diploma students wrote the exam for the first time, about half of whom did their undergraduate degrees at other universities.

Concordia's pass rate among first-time writers was 81.1 per cent. The combined pass rate among Concordia's first-time writers and repeaters was 75.7 per cent, compared to the national average of 65.8 per cent and the 48.4-per-cent pass rate in Quebec. Consistently over the past seven years, Concordia has had the highest pass rate in Quebec.

Gail Fayerman is Director of the Diploma in Accountancy program. "We are extremely proud of the outstanding performance of all our students," she said. "Our success is due to a combination of dedicated teachers, supportive staff and
enthusiastic students. It's truly been a pleasure to be involved in this

All six Concordia students are already working at accounting firms Caron Bélanger Ernst and Young, KPMG, Samson Belair/Deloitte and Touche, Fuller Landau, and Richter Usher and Vineberg.

Football fans

Go, Stingers, go!

Concordia supporters showed their colours at the Vanier Cup at SkyDome in Toronto, Saturday. Stinger fans were more numerous -- and vociferous -- than their University of Saskatchewan counterparts, although they couldn't coax their heroes to victory. More than 100 Concordia faithful, including several members of Concordia's top brass, enjoyed a boisterous pre-game brunch at the Acme Bar & Grill, organized by former Stinger assistant coach and Concordia alumnus Bob Hurtubise. After the game, the players, coaches and a good number of fans celebrated and commiserated well into the night at Joe Badali's restaurant and bar.

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