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Chocolates for anniversary ideas

Prize winners 25th b/wMany of the winners gathered in the Atrium of McConnell Building.

The 25th Anniversary Committee has decided to award 28 boxes of Café Toman chocolates (instead of 25) to 28 Concordians who suggested creative and exciting ways to mark Concordia's 25th birthday next academic year.

Some of the projects submitted were single events or projects (a lecture, tea party, talent show, multi-faith celebration, anniversary poster, noon-hour concerts, a documentary video), while others were submissions of multiple projects. Some proposed events or initiatives in a particular area, such as athletics, protocol, anniversary gifts and products, or archival projects. There were several great minds who thought alike and proposed variations on a similar theme.

The Committee is now molding these projects into a master plan for a year of celebrations. The concept is to have several "signature events" to mark the year in a special way and to complement the range of existing "calendar events" -- annual or pre-existing events that will have a 25th anniversary theme, such Homecoming, the Shuffle, the Loyola Medal and the Long Service Awards.

A number of the projects submitted for the contest, as well as those submitted afterwards, will be integrated into the schedule of events for the year, and the Committee will be looking at budgeting and resource issues to make the most effective use of limited University funds.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to develop his or her project ideas. They each received a box of chocolates (hand-delivered, where possible) and a well-deserved thank-you from the Committee on behalf of the University community.

Here are the winners, in alphabetical order:

* Elaine Arsenault, Human Resources

* Ann Bennett, Rector's Cabinet

* Barbara Black, Public Relations

* Shirley Black, Psychology

* Gary Boyd, Education

* Katherine Brady, Commerce Placement Centre

* Kathleen Carey, Bookstore

* William Curran, Library

* Richard Diubaldo, Continuing Education

* Valerie Gagnon, Human Resources & Employee Relations

* David Gobby, Coordinator,Quality Programs

* Cindy Hedrich, Alumni Affairs

* Chris Hyde, Advancement

* Shirley Maynes, Retiree

* Virgina Nixon, Liberal Arts College

* Silvana Novembre, Centre for Teaching and Learning Services

* Heather Patenaude, Coordinator, University Protocol

* Robert Pearson, Alumnus (BA 97)

* Robert Philmus, English

* Peter Randell, Music

* Effie Richard, Alumna (BA 83)

* Daryl Ross, Campus Ministry

* Joshua Svatek, Student, English, and Shauna MacLean, Student, History

* Stella Teti, Vanier Library

* Carol Williams, Engineering and Computer Science

* Angela Wilson Wright, Office of the Provost/Vice-Rector Research

* Ryan Young, Alumnus (BFA 97)

* Harry Zarins, Recreation & Athletics

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