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Chinese visitors are a HIT

ChineseConcordia University played host to visitors from Harbin, China, recently, and in return, were presented with a banner, held aloft here by Provost Jack Lightstone (right). The inscription is a Chinese adage meaning that conscientiousness and honesty will open doors to success.

The delegation comprised nine academics from the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and four representatives of the Heilongjiang Provincial Telecommunication Company and the Harbin Telecommunication Bureau.

HIT wants to increase its emphasis on research, and develop more exchanges with Western universities. While they were here, the visitors expressed interest in presentations by Concordia faculty on telecommunications education, distance education, and research at the Concordia Centre for Advanced Vehicle Engineering (CONCAVE).

They also were told about Concordia's current projects with Chinese institutions. These include partnerships in financial services education with Xiamen University College of Economics, manufacturing technologies training with Southeast University, journalism training with the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, and a link with the Beijing Petroleum Managers Training Institute.

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