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Memorial service held for Groome

A moving tribute to longtime volunteer administrator Reginald K. Groome was held in the Loyola Chapel on November 17 before the dinner meeting of the Board of Governors.

Mr. Groome died on September 20 in his seventh year as Chair of the Board. He had been on the Board as a representative of the community at large since 1980.

Concordia chaplains Peter Côté and the Rev. Elisabeth Hummel officiated at the service. There were readings by Amely Jurgenliemk, Secretary of the Board and Senate, Colin Dennis, president of the Graduate Students Association, and chancellor Eric Molson.

The speakers were the Rector, Reginald Groome, Jr., former student union president Jonathan Carruthers, and several of his colleagues on the Board, past and present: Claude Taylor, Lillian Vineberg, Henry Habib and Donald McNaughton.

The music was especially moving. It was provided by the Concordia University Chamber Choir, under the direction of Mary Jane Puiu and accompanied by organist Lenore Alford. Baroque flutist Professor Liselyn Adams and harpsichordist and Fine Arts Dean Christopher Jackson opened and closed the service.


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