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Concordians do well in UFE


Once again, Concordia students writing the uniform final exam, or UFE, for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants have done well.

Till-Arne Hahn ranked second among Canadian students writing the exam, and Peter Campbell placed 10th. Étienne Tardif placed eighth in Quebec. Concordia's pass rate among first-time writers was 76.5 per cent.

Quebec universities did markedly better this year than ever before. In the past, Concordia has always done extremely well, but the francophone universities tended to do poorly because they lacked dedicated courses like ours in the Diploma in Accountancy program.

Now they appear to have caught up, thanks to a course developed by the Ordre des comptables au Québec in consultation with the universities. This year, 80 per cent of first-time writers in Quebec passed the UFE, a rate 7 per cent higher than the Canadian average. Last year, only 52 per cent of the Quebec students passed.


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