Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 30, No.1

September 15, 2005


Senate Notes

A regular meeting of Senate, held Sept. 9, 2005.

New administrators: Speaker John O’Brien introduced President Claude Lajeunesse, and Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs Martin Singer introduced Dean David Graham (Arts and Science) and Dean Catherine Wild (Fine Arts).

Academic planning: Singer reported on progress guided by the five-year plan Moving Ahead. These include 43 new full-time tenure-track faculty plus five extended term and 113 limited term appointments, for a total of 850 faculty members this year.

In a key year for enrolment because of changes to the funding formula, there are 9,755 full-time-equivalent students. (Each FTE represents 10 students in a three-credit class.) Undergraduate enrolment appears to have increased by about 3 per cent over last year.

About the same number of students entered Concordia from the Quebec college system (an increase of 1 per cent) and the number of students from elsewhere in Canada has increased by 4 per cent. However, international enrolment has dropped by 19 per cent. This is a highly competitive market, Singer said, and Concordia’s lack of residence space may be a factor. There has also been a general dip in enrolment in engineering and business programs.

If all nominations for junior and senior Canada Research Chairs are accepted, Singer said, Concordia will have more than 60 of these appointments.

Vice-Provost, International Relations Liselyn Adams will join a Quebec mission to China.

Katrina outreach: Singer spoke on CJAD radio and Global television about Concordia’s offer to accommodate students affected by the hurricane disaster in the southern U.S.  He was heartened by the positive response to the broadcasts, and asked the community to welcome any students who come.

Senate membership: Lajeunesse said the Board of Governors had rejected Senate’s recommendation. He said that this appears to be a problem of communication rather than substance, and he will resolve it.

Lajeunesse at Senate

Incoming President Claude Lajeunesse (centre) attends Senate last Friday. To his right are Provost Martin Singer, Vice-Dean Joanne Locke, and new Dean of Arts and Science David Graham. Behind him are (partially obscured) new Dean of Fine Arts Catherine Wild and Chris Jackson, whom she will replace.

President’s remarks: Lajeunesse introduced two key members of his staff, Garry Milton and Enza De Cubellis. He said he would be a facilitator, ensuring that challenges are met with energy and discipline, and will see that the Board and Senate work harmoniously.

Homecoming: Vice-President Advancement and Alumni Relations Kathy Assayag described highlights of the next three months.

Academic Hearing Panel Report: This is at

Appointments: Vice-Provost Truong Vo-Van announced a Canada Research Chair in Economics, Szilvia Papai. Dean of Graduate Studies Elizabeth Saccá announced the reappointment of Ted Stathopoulos as Associate Dean Curriculum, and the appointment of Monica Mulrennan as Associate Dean Student Affairs.

Students: Awel Uwihanganye, who represents undergraduates in Arts and Science, reported on several projects that took Political Science students to Uganda this summer, and thanked staff who helped organize the trips.   Mohamed Shuriye, president of the Concordia Students Union, invited everyone to attend free concerts this week.

Next meeting: Oct. 14.

Academic Hearing Panel Report, September 1, 2004-August 31, 2005 [PDF]