Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.18

July 28, 2005


In memoriam

David Frost will be missed: Graduate


It was with a heavy heart that I heard the news of Dr. Frost’s death in late May.

Dr. Frost was a fixture during my time at Concordia. He was my academic advisor, my professor, my mentor, my colleague and my friend.

I worked with him as an undergraduate student on the annual Stewart Hall Science Fai, and later as his teaching assistant.

I remember him and smile. I remember him leaning dangerously back in his office chair, his eyes closed and deep in thought. I remember him typing ardently at his computer with two fingers.

I remember his office with its obscure filing system. I remember his rooftop weather station and him shovelling snow in mid-January.

I remember him leaning against the blackboard, covered in chalk. I remember him in the computer lab trying desperately to solve some GIS-related mystery.

I remember his open door and his smile. He will be very much missed.

Emma Arnold, BSc Honours Environmental Geography (2002), Graduate Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment (2005). She is now a junior policy analyst, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, Ottawa.