Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.8

January 13, 2005


Osama Moselhi, Fariborz Haghighat and Andreas Athienitis in front of the new building. Occupation of the 17-storey ENCS unit takes place May to September. The 12-storey Visual Arts side, to be completed in the early summer, should be ready for 2005-06.
Photo by Christian Fleury

Engineers lend their skills

“It has been like raising a baby from birth through childhood, then the teenage years with all its problems, and now to adulthood.”

That’s Osama Moselhi, a professor in the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering, describing the new Integrated Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Complex. The building is nearing completion on Ste. Catherine St. between Guy and Mackay Sts.

Moselhi, a specialist in construction engineering and management, has served on the project committee since the late 1990s. As the building grew, he was part of the team monitoring its progress.


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Mary de Michele

Mary de Michele
Photo by Kate Hutchinson

Novelist Mary de Michele imagines famous opera singer’s love life

Mary de Michele has written a novel inspired by the life of the great opera singer Enrico Caruso.

Tenor of Love, published in the United States by Simon and Schuster and Canada by Penguin, is an unabashedly sensual book by a writer who laughingly describes herself as a romantic feminist. “The poet in me is still working,” she said in an interview.