Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.8

January 13, 2005


Names in the News

Barbara Woodside (CSBN/Psychology) was interviewed by The Gazette about measuring intelligence. She said that the brain is a changeable organ, that new neurons are being constantly discovered, and that a high IQ is not strictly a question of inheritance.

Lawrence Kryzanowski (Finance) was interviewed a number of times recently, including on CBC-Newsworld. He discussed why the relative value of the Canadian versus the U.S. dollar has increased, the impact on Canadian firms and jobs, and whether a further upward change in the relative value of the Canadian to the U.S. dollar is likely.

Graham Dodds (Political Science) was featured on CKMI-TV GLO (Ste. Foy) as part of a panel on Canada's border security.

Martine Lehoux, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, participated in a panel discussion on CBC's Home Run about the construction boom going on in all of Montreal's universities.

Pamela Newell (Contemporary Dance) received excellent reviews for her solo dance performance Ultreya, part of the Majors series at the Espace Tangente.

Jordan LeBel (Marketing) was interviewed on Radio Canada’s Téléjournal about the sex scandal involving impressario Guy Cloutier. He was also asked by La Presse why people fall back on “clichéd” Christmas decorations. For them, it’s tradition, he said.

Isabelle Dostaler (Management) and the course she developed are profiled in the University of Vermont's Alumni New 2004 Magazine. Called International Case Analysis, it is given in tandem with the University of Vermont. Apropos of Bombardier, she told La Presse that there is reason to question the effective governance of a company that is halfway between public and private.

Lorne Switzer (Finance) noted on CFCF-TV that banks are closing outlets in neighbourhoods like Little Burgundy and giving more service to richer areas like Westmount.

Lea Katsanis (Marketing) was quoted in a Gazette article under the headline "Hey, kids, you need to buy something." She said it starts with toys, as toddlers recognize brands like Lego, Mattel and Fisher Price. By the time they are 11, some children turn up their noses at anything that is not a brand name.

Recent JMSB graduate Rami Sedra was the subject of a feature article on entrepreneurs by The Gazette’s François Shalom. He started Biond (for business intelligence on demand) in March 2002, and it is already worth millions. His secret is great customer service and a good working environment for his 18 employees.

Gad Saad (Marketing) was quoted in the New York Times before Christmas under the headline “This is for you, dear, but it’s all about me.” The article referred to a 2003 study Saad did that suggests men are more likely than women to give presents for tactical reasons, such as seduction, display, and so on.

Michel Laroche (Marketing) was quoted in La Presse on the Montreal-based company La Senza. He recommended they develop their company’s recognition and associate it with quality, as Victoria’s Secret continues to be better known even in Canada.

John Parisella, member of the Board of Governors, was interviewed on CFCF News on Oct. 10 about his new book Élections: Made in USA, which studies the American electoral process.

Enn Raudsepp (Journalism) commented in The Gazette on the recent Senate hearings on Canadian media ownership, where he appeared as a witness. He said successive committees have acknowledged high media concentration, but the only things that have changed are the names of the media owners.

Painter and art teacher Janet Werner has a show at the Tracey Lawrence Gallery in Vancouver. The National Post favourably reviewed her traditional portraits of imaginary people.