Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No.7

December 4, 2003


New Vice-Rector post to focus on development

Rector Frederick Lowy is looking ahead by creating a new post called Vice-Rector, Advancement and Alumni Affairs.

Dr. Lowy, who has slightly more than a year to go in his mandate, said in an interview that the need for such a post, to be filled by a seasoned fundraising executive, is urgently needed at Concordia. It follows the lead of Canada’s largest universities, including McGill, the University of Toronto and Queen’s.

“This vice-rector would concentrate on the university’s development, both fundraising and friend-raising,” he said. “We need someone who will help us plan for our next capital campaign.”

The idea would be start the search process in late January and have the vice-rector in place at least by late June. “That would give me a year to work with him or her before my successor takes over in 2006,” Dr. Lowy said.

The Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations would report to this vice-rector. It currently reports to Marcel Danis, Vice-Rector, Institutional Relations and Secretary-General.

Concordia’s Board of Governors were delighted with the proposal to create such a post, and approved it. Faculty members at Senate last week were cautiously supportive. They sought reassurance, which the Rector gave, that the faculty would contribute to the search process.

However, Dr. Lowy said that the search, while it would be modelled on searches for senior academic administrators, would be somewhat modified so as not to deter candidates who are in mid-career in the private sector.

“We will be bringing the details of the search process, including the composition of the committee, to the Dec. 11 meeting of the Board for their approval, and to Senate for their information.”

-Barbara Black