Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No.14

April 22, 2004


Awards presented in Mechanical Engineering


Photo of Jasinski

Juliana Jasinski
Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Juliana Jasinski was the happy winner of the CSME (Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering) Gold Medal this year.

The presentation was made after a pizza lunch in the department on April 15.

Also presented were certificates in recognition of service to the department, which went to faculty members Martin Pugh for teaching and Marius Paraschivoiu for research; Sophie Merineau for her administrative support; Gilles Huard, for technical support; and William Wong, for professional support as a lab instructor.

Certificates of appreciation for long services were given to Professor Rama Bhat (25 years), Akif A. Bulgak (15 years) and Wahid Ghaly (10 years). The CSIE (Canadian Society for Industrial Engineering) award for teaching went to Assistant Professor Ali Akgunduz. Silas Katz Memorial Scholarships went to Davide Prella and Steven Richman, the Richard Cheng Design Award went to a team of four for a design of a mechanical lift, and the Capstone Design Award went to another team for a “sportbike lift.” There were also a number of awards for extracurricular activity and leadership.