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October 25, 2001 Letters





Use of stairs in Hall Building encouraged

In the last edition of the Thursday Report (Letters, Oct. 11), Professor J. Hillel expressed his concerns about the congestion that occurs at the top of the escalators during peak hours in the Hall Building.

We agree that there is congestion, and like Professor Hillel’s suggestion to encourage the use of the stairs. These stairwells are very comfortable and easy to use but they are not very visible. We propose to encourage their use by improving the signage and advertising that this option exists. We plan to review the design of the stairs as well to see if they could become more inviting. The obstacles at the top of the escalators that impede circulation have been for the most part removed, and the remaining newspaper stands will be relocated.

Finally, there are ongoing building security procedures that actually stop the escalators as required during peak hours to further help reduce the congestion on the mezzanine.

To conclude, we realize that this situation is not ideal and will continue looking for ways to reduce the congestion. We also encourage our students, faculty, and staff to use the stairs and to be careful not to impede the people flow when using the escalators.

Peter Bolla, Executive Director, Facilities Management

Former student unions did not force causes

As former executives, officers, and representatives of the Concordia Student Union, we are appalled at the current situation within the CSU. Many of us were involved in rebuilding the Student Union after the last time it was commandeered by a group of people intent on using it to further their own narrow political interests.

Many of the undersigned disagreed on various issues, but we had at least one thing in common — a belief that the Student Union existed to further the interests of students, as students. While we may have had our differences on what those interests were, or how best to achieve them, we shared a basic understanding that an open, democratic forum would ultimately bring forth the best ideas and, more often than not, lead us along the best path.

Many of us were involved in various, and sometimes conflicting, causes outside of the Student Union, but none of us ever attempted to force those causes upon the Student Union or the students of Concordia from a position of self-imagined moral superiority.

We doubt that the current Student Union executive is representative of the views of any more than a small minority of Concordia students. Unfortunately, when less than 10% of students vote, it is easy for a small group to mobilize enough sympathizers to take control. We hope that this lesson will not be lost on students in the event of a recall election.

Al Feldman (VP Administration, 95-96; Chairperson 96-97);
Stéphane Babb (ECA VP Finance, 95-96); Kristina Bolh (VP Information, 94-95); Michelle Bucovy (VP Finance, 95-96); Christine Cogger (VP Services, 96-97; VP Academic, 97-98); Helen Danakas (Office Manager, 89-97); Alexandra Flynn (VP Academic, 94-95); Marika Giles (President, 94-95); David Janssen (Representative, 96-98); Ajida Legge (Chief Electoral Officer, 97); Dan Leibu (Chairperson, 94-95; ECA President, 94-95); Binh Nguyen (Representative, 95-96); Paul O’Connor (Representative, 93-94); Alex Parker (Chief Electoral Officer, 95-97; Chairperson, 97-99); Len Podgurney (Representative, 93-96); Ian Sullivan (Representative, 95-97)