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November 8, 2001 Letters





Green protests report on stolen $193,062

I am writing to demand a published correction and apology concerning two errors in the October 25 issue of the Thursday Report.

On page 10, under the sub-heading “Former CSU VP finance charged with theft,” you wrote, “Other members of the CSU executive became aware of the theft during the summer of 2000, but it was not made public by then president Rob Green until just after the CSU held a successful referendum on provincial accreditation in October of that year.”

While this may represent wishful thinking on the part of Concordia’s morally bankrupt PR Department, it is patently false. Neither myself nor any member of my executive (with one obvious exception) were aware that a theft had occurred until October 2000 (the last full week of accreditation voting, to be exact), when the CSU’s bookkeeper presented the intercepted copies of illegitimate cheques.

Secondly, the above excerpt from your article clearly suggests that our delaying of public release of this information (a whole week!) was in some way related to the accreditation drive. Our only delay (which was exactly one week!) in releasing this information to the public was so that we could inform the interested parties first, namely, our lawyer, the university, our bank, and finally our board of directors.

Is the Thursday Report suggesting we should have done otherwise? Please correct these defamatory errors in your next publication and take care in the future to control your urges to fabricate “truths” that fit your own personal (and professional) desires and wants.

Rob Green

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